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Westbury, NY 11590  

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Small Business Veteran owned  company

We are Central Contractor Registered

Service is our most important product




  Caig Chemicals for lubrication/cleaning  electrical and mechanical devices

  EFI Surge protectors for all applications from wall plug in to service entrance applications

*TapeMaker Photo paper- Inkjet/Laser/Dye transfer

*TapeMaker Tapes- Shielding/Duct/Insulating/Barrier and Special

*TapeMaker Print Paper

*TapeMaker Magnetic tape - splicing/timing/leader for Audio-Video-Data applications

  TapeMaker  Shrink Tubing and Imprinted shrink tubing

*TapeMaker  Labels - Inkjet/Laser/Thermal paper

  TapeMaker flexible materials for electronic applications- Foils/

  Techflex woven tubing for wire harness and protection

  Ziptape wire and cable markers

  Garner Magnetic Media Degausers

  Audio/Video Processing equipment

  Security Camera and Systems

  Specialty Cable and Connectors- Electronic/Data applications  Engineering Assistance on request


* Indicates products manufactured by TapeMaker Supply Co.


All of our products meet current electrical and or military specs and  can be used in military equipment or applications.

MSDS can be supplied on  chemical/electrical/heat shrink tubing and flex tubing.

Engineering assistance is available for our products or special design applications.

                IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT CONTACT ME- we might be able to help.



Ron Huppert

TapeMaker Supply Co.












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